Company Overview

Grand-Jean Capital Management, Inc. (the “Firm”) provides equity portfolio management primarily to individuals. Founder and President Steven Grand-Jean spent a 20-year career in investment banking with Saloman Brothers and Montgomery Securities, where he developed insights and management relationships across a wide variety of industries. The officers of the firm invest substantially all of their liquid assets in the same securities as their clients.

Year Founded:1990

Fee Structure (Payable Quarterly):

$1 Million to $5 Million 1.25% Annual Fee on Assets
$5 Million to $10 Million 1.00% Annual Fee on Assets
Over $10 Million 0.75% Annual  Fee on Assets

Incentive Fee: None

Liquidity: Clients can request to terminate their investment advisory agreement and liquidate all positions with one business day’s notice.

Transparency: Full transparency on positions held and trading activity.

Account Structure: Each account is managed individually, but accounts generally hold the same securities in more or less the same percentages.